California Alliance of Local Electeds

A Statewide Association of City and County Officials and Local Experts

California Alliance of Local Electeds

The California Alliance of Local Electeds (CALE) is a network of mayors, councilmembers and other elected officials who advocate in Sacramento on significant issues that contribute to the betterment of California’s cities, including preservation of local control and support of forward-thinking legislation.  


We collaborate and advise each other on issues within our jurisdictions.

We network with new candidates for local office based on our election experience

We network on regular Zoom calls and email groups

We collectively support advocacy solutions to issues we rank as important to local jurisdictions

We draft proactive legislation that would help resolve local issues


CALE is an alliance of local city and county officials.

We include like-minded current and former local elected officials, candidates for local office, current and former appointed officials  and individuals that bring us expertise.


We have weekly zoom meetings and via email using general and special email lists

We form teams to address bigger issues, e.g. our New Legislation Team

We regularly host meetings with state legislators